About Me.

Rachael King
Surface and Graphic Designer

I see the world in pattern and colour….

Ever since I was a child I have been making, creating, drawing and painting.

I am excited about the possibilities of pattern and colour and how they can be brought into our everday life.

My other life long passion for textiles drove me to actively pursue an education in Graphic Design in 2014. I have completed Modules 2 and 3 of the Art and Business of Surface Design, a highly regarded international design platform for students to launch their surface design dreams. I have shown my portfolio with Nerida Hansen at Surtex New York in 2017 and 2018. On that back of these shows, I landed my first licensing deal with Spotlight Australia and established my career as a Surface Pattern Designer.

I am constantly experimenting with different mediums and computer techniques to enhance my skill base. These skills help me develop my style which has loose organic feel, using vibrant watercolours to reflect my local surroundings.

Prior to my career as a surface designer, I have been working in graphic design, marketing and administration both in Brisbane and London. I have a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Human Resources plus a Diploma in Graphic Design.

I have just become a self-published author with the launch of Pattern Pulse, by curating the art of 100 Australian surface designers to become a coffee table book for design and colour lovers. Pattern Pulse Volume 2 was released in November 2022.

I live in the beautiful Samford Valley, in Queensland, Australia with my wonderful husband, 3 daughters and 2 dogs. Life is good!