From Blah to Yah!

‘Unrealised potential resides in the wasteland of the Soul’
Rachael King
‘You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an exuberance that errupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.’
Sheila Graham

From Blah to Yah. From one to the other.

A constant feeling of missing and lacking to feeling complete.  This is how I felt five years ago compared to how I feel today. I wanted to communicate how I transitioned from a place of unhappiness to where I stand in this moment.

It is important to share these things.  Why? Because I love to read about how people have connected with their true selves. That they arrived at a point where they took action and ultimately found where they wanted to be.  I love reading those stories.  They are about hope.


It had started with feeling overwhelmed with life in general.  It was all too much. I had kicked all the goals of raising a (mostly) happy family to the age that they could feed and clothe themselves, I was in a solid, loving relationship and living a comfortable life where we could pay the bills. Surrounded by all the positives but still feeling like something was missing inside.

There was also a long list of ‘why I could nots’

No time, not enough money, too many family commitments, I just couldn’t, I don’t have the education or skills, I’m too old, too unfit etc, etc …

I was that person and then I finally realised that I couldn’t continue to use those excuses anymore.

So I got real about how I could get happy.

I drew mindmaps, diagrams and lists and it all came down down to getting some skills.  I enrolled in college, hung out with the 18 year olds, learnt a heap of stuff and gained a career along the way. And yes, it is bloody hard to walk back into a classroom at 42 years old – but also very liberating.

So this is the story not just of the beautiful images tastefully arranged in my digital lookbook above. It is so much more than that. It is an authentic journey of how I connected with what it is that I wanted to really do, what brought me joy and then creating an environment that promoted arriving at my destination.

These images convey a myriad of deeply connected thoughts and actions to arrive at a finished presentation.

Each thought —> dreaming of colour and pattern

Each action —-> Painting, drawing, sketching, scanning, manipulating, repeating, presenting

Hours upon hours upon hours of work.

So what you see is a true expression of me, all of my life experiences up until this moment. An expression of who I am creatively, personally and professionally.  On these pages. It is honest and it is about me.  I can now hold my head high and say proudly that I have achieved all that I ever wanted to achieve and I sincerely hope with good grace.

If you take anything away from reading this post, then let it be that you know someone who has achieved their dream despite all that life throws at us, and that you also know that you too can make it happen.

Ideas —> Action / Commitment/ Self-belief —> Reality

Rachael x