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I love to bring my vibrant watercolours to life in repeat patterns which look beautiful on fabrics, apparel, homewares…. infact anywhere your imagination takes you!

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Margo and Rachael discuss:

  • Rachael’s creative path and how her mom instilled a love for creativity in her
  • Self-publishing her book, Pattern Pulse, after initial rejection
  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, and how it catalyzed her creative endeavors
  • Tribulations and triumphs of women in the creative business landscape: asserting value, advocating for fair compensation, and having a network of peers and mentors
  • The importance of physical art in a digital age
  • Why individuality and authenticity are crucial to the art industry
  • How artists can stay true to their unique style while also being commercially viable
  • Challenges of building a creative community in Australia
  • The influence and support that often comes from maternal figures in fostering creativity
  • Thoughts and tips for artists facing low payment offers

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